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Cup of Council

Amy, Brittany, Katie

Life is messy, hard and oftentimes hilarious. It is a constant balance between managing the chaos and trying to keep the calm somewhere in the mix. We are all pulled a million directions and need our people to lean on. Amy, Brittany and Katie are three best friends who lovingly refer to each other as “The Council.” When they need advice, a reality check, or someone to listen, they go to their Council; each other. They are three pediatric speech-language pathologists, parents, women, and best friends. They use real, authentic conversations to discuss topics regarding speech pathology, child development, parenting, motherhood, current events, the easy and hard aspects of relationships, and overall humorous events. In each episode, they love to talk and sometimes have deep conversations and big revelations, other times they just drink and laugh until their ab muscles are sore. They invite you to unwind, grab a cup of whatever brings you joy, and become a member of The Council. You will leave these conversations with something in “your cup”- whether it be laughter, new information, inspiration, a question, they welcome you to the Cup of Council Podcast.