Cup of Council

Episode Seven: Which Comes First?

April 13, 2021 Amy, Brittany, Katie Season 1 Episode 7
Cup of Council
Episode Seven: Which Comes First?
Show Notes

Are you ready for several "aha!" moments? The Council sits down with Ashley Harris Whaley from Disability Reframed to learn about identity first vs. person first language, ableism, how to be a better ally, and how to teach and talk with our own children about disability.

Ashley Harris Whaley is the creator of Disability Reframed and a pediatric speech-language pathologist. A lifelong disabled person with Cerebral Palsy, Ashley created Disability Reframed out of a desire for a societal re-education on disability. She lives in South Carolina with her husband, cat, and German Shepherd puppy. She owns way too many pairs of shoes that she can’t actually walk in.
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