Cup of Council

Episode Eight: Messy Introspection

April 27, 2021 Amy, Brittany, Katie Season 1 Episode 8
Cup of Council
Episode Eight: Messy Introspection
Show Notes

In this episode, The Council is joined by honorary Council Member, Dani Newcombe, from The Messy SLP. Dani joins Amy, Brittany, and Joyner in discussions about giving yourself grace, what imposter syndrome can look and feel like, finding balance, and how grief and other emotions can manifest in the body. This conversation is NOT one to be missed!

Dani Newcombe is a pediatric speech-language pathologist working in Elkhart, IN at an
elementary school. Since graduating from Loma Linda University in 2018, she has worked at a
private pediatric clinic, an ABA therapy center, a skilled nursing facility, and now an elementary school. She is currently pursuing her clinical doctorate through Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions. She recently opened a private practice, The Messy SLP, LLC, where she will conduct teletherapy with pediatric clients. She is the content creator and manager for The Messy SLP Instagram page, a page that highlights the daily humor behind being an SLP as well as discusses the various aspects of the field.

Find Dani on Instagram @themessyslp

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